A Naming Ceremony is the ideal way to celebrate the birth of a new baby or to welcome a child into the family. The ceremony takes the place of a traditional baptism or christening, where the family is not religious or not members of a traditional religion, or would like children to decide upon their own religious views at a later stage in their life.

Style of Ceremony

The Naming Ceremony may be as personal, exuberant or formal as you want. Together we can design a bespoke ceremony that is tailored to you and your family's wishes.

The welcoming of a child into the family is a monumental event and many couples feel that it is an occasion that should be celebrated with family and friends. This event may also be used to celebrate adoption of children and stepchildren, formally welcoming them to their new family and strengthening the bonds and ties that hold families together. Your chosen Godparents or Supporting Adults may take part in the ceremony but also siblings, grandparents and friends may also have a role if you wish.

It's important to emphasise that you can hold a Naming Ceremony for children of any age, not just for newborn additions to the family. Also a joint ceremony may be held for siblings, thereby truly bringing all the family together.

I design and create ceremonies in consultation with parents and any other contributing adults. The service itself may be as long or short as you wish and include words, poems and readings that are specifically pertinent to your ceremony. These special words will aim to express your dreams, hopes and pledges for the future and well being of your child or children.

Ceremony Venue

The venue may be any suitable place of your choosing and needs no license (although for reason of quiet you may wish to avoid some public places such as beaches or public parks).

Suggestions range from using your own home or garden, or that of a friend, a hotel, a village hall, a favourite restaurant, a local community area. Or even a more unconventional venue such as a zoo, sports ground, aquarium, museum - the list is endless.

I will assist you with ideas at our consultation. Ultimately any venue may be combined with your ideas and wishes, helping to ensure that your Naming Ceremony is a memorable, unique and joyous occasion.