Today it is no longer expected that all weddings take place in church. However, for many, even the formalities of a Register Office ceremony are too restrictive in terms of the wording of vows or simply due to the limits placed on the number of guests able to attend. Many couples are choosing to have an independent Wedding Celebrant to design and conduct a wedding ceremony that is personal to their specific wishes..


To be legally married you do have to fulfil the basic legal requirements in front of a registrar at a suitable approved licensed venue; this can be done in approximately 10 minutes. You are then free to hold your actual ceremony, including the exchange of vows and rings, at a completely different time and place, giving you the ability to celebrate your day in the style and manner that you want.

You may want to get married somewhere unusual, in a field, in your garden, on a beach. You can be sure that your day will be unlike any other; completely unique and special to you. You may wish to have a semi-religious or non-religious wedding ceremony with elements of the ceremony specially designed to involve your family and loved ones. I can design a personal service with you, to make it a truly memorable and wonderful experience.

If you have married abroad and yet wish to celebrate your marriage with family and loved ones on your return home, a Wedding Blessing Ceremony is an ideal way to publicly share your commitment to each other in front of friends and family.

Renewal of Vows

A Renewal of Vows is a beautiful way to reaffirm your love and promises to each other for the rest of your lives. It is a time to publicly declare a renewed commitment to your partner. It may be that you want to celebrate a significant
anniversary, or maybe you did not get quite the ceremony you wanted first time around. A Renewal of Vows celebration marks a new phase of your life, it is all about you as a couple, how far you have come together and your shared future.

You may choose to hold your renewal of vows when and wherever you want. It can involve just the two of you or your children and other family members and friends too. You may still be in touch with your best man or bridesmaids and want them to be part of the ceremony again. The ceremony may be as simple as reading new vows to one another or re-iterating your original promises in a full wedding service.

I will help you create your very own personal and bespoke celebration that will result in a memorable and very special day.

Civil Partnerships

Are you planning a Civil Partnership ceremony?

I am sure you would like your day to encompass more than just the signing of a piece of paper and actually to reflect the special bond and commitment that you feel for one another.

After a formal ceremony, at an approved premises, which can be very short and basic and which does not have to involve the exchange of rings or vows, you are free to hold your Civil Partnership with a personalised ceremony that reflects your individuality. This ceremony may be held somewhere special to you both. Together we can design a bespoke service that is individual and personalised; unique in words of special significance and meaning to you.

It is a chance for you to make your vows before the important people in your lives. To that end we can involve friends and family in the proceedings and make the whole day a perfect celebration that will truly be a day to remember.