A warm welcome to the website of Milestone Services.

Milestone Services is run by me, Bridget Sapiano. As an Independent Celebrant I take pride in creating unique and personalised services and ceremonies for the special occasions in our lives that we cherish forever, whether they be short and simple or full of tradition and ritual. You will see on the website that there are tabs for each of the pages that describe the nature of the services and ceremonies that I offer.

The emphasis of all the services and ceremonies I create is placed on what you want. In today’s secular society many people have less of an association with a Church and yet still may have faith or spiritual beliefs of some form. As a Celebrant I compose and conduct services and ceremonies that bridge the gap between these sentiments.

I offer more flexible and creative alternatives to make your own service dignified, memorable and uplifting. All services and ceremonies are written and conducted by me personally after close consultation with you – together with your family and friends if you wish.

Thank you for visiting the website, please give me a call to discuss your requirements. There is no fee for a preliminary consultation.